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Here's the Deal on Damage, Part 3: Product Recommendations

Welcome to part 3! This is the fun part (and an excuse to shop!) where I’ll go over my favorite products for damaged hair. Everything will be linked, some will be affiliated links so if you buy anything you help your hair and support your fave local hair stylist! Before we go into products, here is a link to my favorite hot tools!


So, my first recommendation is for Olaplex! I won’t go into it too much today because I have an entire blog post about it here. It is always my very first suggestion when someone comes in with damaged hair. I really can’t say enough good things about it, but I’ll stop myself here and let you peruse the other blog post and the rest of this one!


This is an awesome vegan brand that has products for all hair types, but their Nourishing line is an amazing option for badly damaged hair. However, it is recommended for medium to thick hair types as it can be too heavy for fine hair.

Nourishing Shampoo is high in antioxidants and minerals essential to nourish and repair dry and damaged hair.

Nourishing Conditioner replenishes moisture and helps repair chemical and thermal damage.

Nourishing Mask delivers deep moisture, softens, and detangles for manageable hair.

Nourishing Hair Building Pak is a post-shampoo, pre-conditioner treatment that gives shine, added strength, and repairs without weighing down the hair (this one is great for fine hair!).

And a great option for fine to medium damaged hair is their Melu line.

Melu Shampoo is protein rich shampoo that helps prevent breakage without over proteining the hair

Melu Condtioner helps prevent breakage and adds shine and softness.


This is an organic brand that is sustainably packaged and great for all hair types!

The Thermal Stress Protector guards against humidity an UV rays, and protects from heat up to 437 degrees.

The Glossy Nectar Hair Serum nourishes and restores damaged hair while providing UV protection and shine

The Nurturing Drops help to heal, hydrate, and repair all while guarding against environmental stressors and being a heat protectant!

The Sun Protective Elixir shields hair (and your color!) from the damage the sun, salt, and chlorine can cause.

The After Sun Hair Mask replenishes hair after the effects or sun, salt, and chlorine and deeply nourishes and seals the cuticle leaving healthy, shiny hair!

Drop a comment and share with your friends if this was helpful!

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