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I recently saw a video on Instagram about how this girl got her hair to grow really long. One of the tips she posted was about how she never air dries her hair. Naturally, I went to the comments section to see what people were saying. So many of them were bashing her for using heat on her hair at all, others were saying that blowdrying couldn’t possibly lead to less damaged hair, and so on.

The fact is, blowdrying hair down the cuticle, at a reasonable heat for your hair type, with a quality blowdryer can actually be good for your hair! Obviously this trick, like many others, won't work for everyone. However, it's proven that hair is in its most fragile state when wet. In general, long hair is especially susceptible to tangling and breakage.

Blowdrying your hair is also a great option for when you wash your hair at night so you don’t go to bed with damp (fragile!) hair and get extra breakage from sleeping on it. Plus, it will be fully dry if you decide to style it in the morning! Many people (including myself if I’m in a crunch) will style their hair before it’s 100% dry because they think it’s had plenty of time to dry overnight. If you have thick hair, it’s never as dry as you think it should be!

Moral of the story: Blowdrying your hair isn't necessarily a bad thing ;)

Blowdryer recommendation:

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