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Recommended Products & Tools

Get that luxurious "just been to the salon" feeling at home. My most recommended products are available for purchase through affiliated links, so you can continue to indulge yourself in between appointments at Elevate Beauty.

A holistic product line that uses skincare grade ingredients and is great for scalp health. This full line has everything you need for washing and styling.

Luxury, organic haircare. This styling line is only made with good for you ingredients, smells amazing, and comes in cute, sustainable bottles!

A detergent free and sustainable brand. Great for all hair types.

Dry your hair 70% faster with this blowdryer. This is the one I use everyday in the salon and it's a game changer!

The extra long barrel makes creating curls and waves so easy!

I've been using GHD flat irons for the last 13 years, both at home and in the salon. I absolutely LOVE them.

My all time favorite brushes. Extra long barrel for easy styling and a long handle for extra reach. Ergo also has some great styling tools!

Helps to effortlessly and gently detangle hair to minimize breakage.

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