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10 must-have hair care products and tools

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

Everyone needs to know some basic products and tools that can totally change the way you see your hair. Sometimes you may not even realize that little things can completely change the outcome of your final look.

#1: Quality shampoo and conditioner

You'd be surprised at how much the right shampoo and conditioner duo can completely change how your hair looks and feels. It can help your color last longer, keep your hair shiny, and even rebuild broken bonds in the hair (looking at you, Olaplex!). It's important to keep in mind that your hair needs change with the seasons, just like your wardrobe!

Recommendations: Olaplex #4 and

#5 ($28ea), Davines Oi Shampoo($34) and Oi Conditioner($40)

#2: A good condtioning mask or treament

This goes along with the shampoo and conditioner, just gives and extra kick for luscious hair. Sometimes your hair needs some extra love. During the winter months you are likely to need more moisture, but during the summer you'll need something more reparative. And sometimes your hair will need protein.

Recommendations: Olaplex #0 and #3 ($28ea), Redken All Soft Mask ($30), Redken CAT treatment ($22)

#3: Purple shampoo (for blondes) or blue shampoo (for brunettes)

Purple or blue shampoo is a great way to cut yellow or brass from the hair in between appointments. These products are to be used once a week. I recommend waiting a few weeks after getting your color done. The way thebefore you add this to your routine. The way they work is by gently opening the cuticle of the hair to deposit color, which is why using them too soon after your fresh color would have the opposite effect. But when used correctly, it’s a game changer!

Recommendations: Redken Color Extend Blondage Shampoo ($22.50), Color Extend Blondage Mask ($29), Color Extend Brownlights Shampoo ($22.50), Color Extend Brownlights Conditioner (22.50)

Now that we’ve covered what to use in the shower, let’s cover what comes next.

#4: Leave-in treatments

A leave-in conditioner can have many benefits for your hair, including reduced frizz and static and added heat protection. If you use nothing else, please use a leave-in, I promise it’s SO worth it! Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest impact and this is one of those things.

Recommendations: Redken One United ($25), Davines Oi All In One Milk ($35)

#5: Wet brush or wide tooth comb

Using the right tool to comb wet hair is a must! Hair is in it’s most fragile state when wet and yanking through knots can leave you with frizz and split ends. Always work from the bottom up and work gently.

Recommendations: Wet Brush Pro Detangler ($14) Wet Brush Detangling Comb ($8)

#6: Volumizing spray

I will always recommend a volumizing spray, even if you don’t necessarily want or need volume. It's a great way to control unruly cowlicks and baby hairs. And a good one won’t leave your hair feeling like there’s a ton of product in it.

Recommendation: L’oreal Volumetry Root Lift Spray ($32)

#7: Styling cream or lotion

A good styling cream helps to tame flyaways and keep your style whether you air dry or blow dry. It will also add some extra heat protection if you do choose to blowdry.

Recommendations: Olaplex #6 Bond Smoother ($28), Redken Satinwear Smoothing Lotion ($20), Reverie Milk Anti Frizz Leave-in ($42)

#8: Heat protector

If you use a flat iron or curling iron, you need a heat protector. It will help prevent split ends and brittle hair. I promise, your hair will thank you. Using a hot tool without one is like taking cookies out of the oven without gloves, ouch!

Recommendation: Redken Iron Shape ($20)

#9: Hair oils

Oils help to keep moisture in the hair and can be used on wet, damp, or dry hair. I always recommend using a little on the midshaft and ends after other styling products on wet hair and then a little on the ends when the hair is dry. I find the results are best when used like this. Oil on the midshaft and ends works wonders if you go a few days between washes. It helps keep the ends shiny and smooth.

Recommendations: Olaplex #7 Bonding Oil ($28), Davines Oi Oil ($45)

#10: Hot tools

The tools you use can make or break your hair, literally. Quality tools reduce frizz and breakage and when used with quality products, your hair will feel healthy and look shiny and smooth. Did you know a cheap blow dryer can actually make your hair more frizzy the more you try to smooth it? Crazy, Right? Maybe not so much, if you think about the fact that heat damage can cause frizz. Investing in good quality tools will not only create smoother, longer lasting looks, they will be much less damaging to the hair.

Recommendations: GHD Gold Flat Iron ($199), BioIonic Long Barrel Curling Iron ($140), BioIonic Graphene MX Dryer ($245)

Hope this helped! Leave a comment below if you have any questions or want personalized recommendations.

I'll drop a link below where you can get Davines, Olaplex, and Reverie!

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