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6 Myths and Facts About Hair

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

This month, I thought it would be fun to go over some myths and facts about your hair! Here are some of the most common ones I get asked about in the salon.

1. Brushing your hair often for shine: MYTH

While brushing once or twice a day can be beneficial (especially if you have fine, easily tangled hair), brushing too much can actually cause damage. Always brush gently and never, EVER yank the brush through the knots!

2. Hair grows faster when you cut it: MYTH

Cutting your hair has nothing to do with the actual growth process. However, regular trim will help keep your ends healthy and keep split ends from causing more breakage. When your hair is kept healthy it can make it feel and even look longer.

3. You can fix split ends with “special” products: MYTH

Only a haircut can actually get rid of split ends. The only thing any product can really do, is coat the hair and give the appearance of mended ends. However, certain products can help prevent split ends.

4. Stress causes gray hairs and hair loss: FACT

Usually extreme or prolonged times of stress can have a general negative effect on the body. This can cause permanent gray hairs to appear. It can also cause extra shedding or thinning in extreme cases.

5. Hair grows faster in the summer: FACT

During warmer weather your blood circulates more, including in your scalp. This increased circulation helps hair to grow faster. While during colder seasons, the body redirects blood to vital organs to keep you warm. Hair can actually grow up to 15 percent faster during the summer versus the winter.

6. Hair “gets used to” products: MYTH

The fact is, your hair can’t get used to anything. However, the needs of your hair can change with seasons, climate, health, and lifestyle. Also, any product you use (and like immediately) is going to feel awesome the first time you use it. But the more you use it, the less awesome it feels because you (not your hair) get used to it.

Drop a comment with any other myths you’ve heard!

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